Resonance Research Lab (RRL) is ISO 9001:2015 Certified lab was founded in 2017 to manufacture and supply researchers in the pharmaceutical industry and research institutions with specialized complex organic small molecules not otherwise commercially available.

Resonance Research Lab (RRL) supports the pharmaceutical industry with scientific-based solutions for the most critical analytical activity in the drug development process, i.e. “identification of impurities in pharmaceutical products”. RRL provides a full elucidation of the chemical structures of unknown pharmaceutical impurities present above a certain concentration in drug products using various approaches and instruments, including:

  •  LC‐ HRMS
  • 1H /13C – NMR
  •  IR

Today, Resonance Research Lab. employs well-educated full time chemists with PhD’s, MSc’s and BSc’s, operating in state-of-the-art facility located in Amman, Jordan.

RRL currently offers an extensive inventory of pharmaceutical reference standards for immediate shipment. Where stock is unavailable, RRL will undertake production of new and known compounds upon customer order.

We solve the problem of Availability of Nitrosoamins ( NDMA , NDEA , NDBA , NMBA , NEIPA , NDIPA , NDMA-d6 ) to all customers in our region .

Why Choose Resonance Research Lab?

  • Specialized in synthesizing complex organic small molecules needed for QC, R&D departments of the pharmaceutical industry with any quantity required.
  • Specialized in the identification of unidentified pharmaceutical impurities in drug development process.
  • Committed to provide high quality chemicals with full technical data besides the COA.
  • Flexible in providing the synthesized chemicals in custom pack sizes to satisfy any quantity required.
  • Distribute to companies worldwide.
  • A dedicated professional customer service team positioned to ensure customer satisfaction and technical support.