Custom synthesis

RRL provides pharmaceutical industry reliable custom chemical synthesis.

RRL’s project planning team of experienced Ph.D. organic chemists specializes in designing optimal synthetic routes for both new and known compounds. Our custom synthesis services include the synthesis of stable building blocks, intermediates, metabolites, impurities, standardized reference compounds and building blocks for combinatorial chemistry.

What we offer

  • Value added customized synthesis
  • Expert project planning and management
  • Development of new synthetic routes
  • Customized cocktail of chemicals
  • Milligram to Sub-kilogram batch synthesis capacity
  • Fully developed purification and analytical capabilities

Our custom synthesis specialities includes

  • Delivering custom synthesis at off the shelf pricing
  • Process research, development and optimization
  • Small and large scale chemistry capabilities
  • Synthetic route design and optimization
  • Advanced synthetic and analytical platform
  • Cost-effective and high efficiency